Art is a permanent revolution.
Fernando Botero

The art of Fernando Botero was conceived from a union between ancient Italian and authentic Colombian. Botero is a Colombian who has assimilated the art of great Italian painting (solid, precise, well architected) into a study of the perfect form. The round curves of his figures adhere perfectly to an ideal standard (the sphere) which on the other hand, his sculptures connote and we define as classic. The rest, or rather the love of grotesque , irony, folk verve, deformation – were conceived by that which Botero calls a “permanent revolution” of art defined by his moving away from conformity, his adherence to the pulsations of man, his DNA and his chromosomes.

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Il Giornale di Sicilia

Botero at Palazzo Reale, Milan

Botero at Palazzo Reale, Milan

Botero in Venice. Sculptures and paintings