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Francesco Salvi

In nursery school, all was fine. From elementary school on, a total disaster. Not so much regarding himself, but for the teachers: he was promoted, they were hospitalized. Later, the situation would be reversed. And, it was the first success of his life. Always a painter, always an actor, and soon he would become a living being.

He was born in Luino and it was in Urbino where later he would study the art of etching at the Ducal Palace (third floor, left tower). He worked with Bruno Bozzetto briefly; he created a short film of animation that won competitions here and there, even in Mexico City; he debuted at the Milan Derby Club; he worked with Jannacci and Beppe Viola; he didn’t work with Dario Fo, he didn’t offer a drink to Ernest Hemingway; he received a degree in architecture in Florence and in Milan; he married but don’t tell his wife; he wowed with “Drive In” and “Megasalvishow”; he tore Pop music upside-down with “C’è da spostare una Macchina” (“Need to Move a Car”), and “Esatto” (“Exactly”); numerous invitations to the San Remo Music Festival; creates his own movie; creates another one; he makes one in the United States with Oscar winner Robert Moresco and two with Peter Greenaway in Europe to even the score; he does theatre with Gabriele Vacis; he plays Torello in “Un medico in famiglia” (“A Doctor in the Family”); he wins ex-aequo the Zecchino d’ Oro (international children’s song festival); he won the first edition of “Dancing with the Stars”: he lost his wallet at the last moment, but there was nothing inside:

The rest is history.




Translated from the original by Valencia Scott Colombo

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