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Giacomo Braglia

Giacomo Braglia was born in Lugano, Switzerland on July 12, 1996. At an early age, he showed a strong inclination for art, with particular attention towards photography.

In 2013 he traveled for the first time to Ethiopia, with the intention of documenting its characteristic landscapes, daily life, and the local traditions of the inhabitants through photographs.

While pursuing his passion, Giacomo continued his scholastic and artistic formation – he was enrolled in the Tasis High School (The American School) during which time he joined a photography class that allowed him to learn the techniques of dark room film processing, bringing him closer to a more technical use of the camera. In addition, during a summer at Cambridge he participated in a practical laboratory focusing on the capability of creating a story through photography and on the process of transmitting one’s own aesthetic interpretation to the viewer. 

He later pursued a degree in Global Management from Regents University of London in 2015. In this same location, in 2017, his works were shown for the first in a collective exhibition.

In October 2017, he was the protagonist of an important exhibition held at the Contini Art UK Gallery in London where he showed a series of photographs entitled, Conversation with Ethiopia, a meticulous selection of works taken during his trips to the African country. During his time in London, between 2016 and 2017, with the help of a photographer friend, Giacomo Braglia increased his technical and professional know-how of the camera as an instrument, further refining his executive aptitude.

In January he exhibited at the International fair, Art Rooms Fair in London.

From May 19, 2018, at the Contini Gallery of Art, Giacomo Braglia will be protagonist of a solo exhibition of a vast collection of photographic works, entitled Conversations.

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