Inside and outside: nature surrounds us; there's no way to avoid it!

Enzo Fiore, born in Milan in 1968, is a painter who can claim a certain patience and particularity for manual skills made of resin, earth, leaves, entwined roots affirmed in frontal paintings and significantly placed by means of relief, wrinkles, layers, forced and diffused elasticity, all positioned by the sculptor with absolute immobility. Shades and tones reappear creating shadows and luminosity. In his paintings, Fiore shows the paradox of a complex and expressive construction in heterogeneous matter on one hand and on the other, of noted iconographies - the faces of famous figures - that seem blank, purposely rendered insignificant and devoid of their importance. He affirms aggressive originality in his choice of material used which once again becomes normal, banal and ordinary matter as the final image is attained.
Selected Works