Art is curiosity, seeing the world through different eyes. Art is the crazy ones' Heaven

Paolo Vegas, born in Biella, Italy, on 4 June 1973, graduated from the European Institute of Design in Milan in 1992. He began his career as a photographer in Milan collaborating with various advertising agencies. It is precisely the advertising world that artistically influenced him. In 2010 he started working on his "Progetto clonazioni" ("Cloning Project"). In this series of works the subject is portrayed simultaneously two or even more times, creating therefore clones of it. Vegas shoots his subjects in different poses against the same background while keeping the camera stationary; the individual frames are then collated to create the final artwork. In his latest works he creates clones in unique and unrepeatable settings. To each artwork he adds a three-dimensional object, creating a unique collage, his recognizable signature.
Selected Works