Zoran Music: Accademia di Francia a Roma, Villa Medici, Roma

17 January - 15 March 1992

Music's art appears to us, because of its quality and exigency, as a decisive achievement against time and thus, against death


"Regularly opening Villa Medici to Italian artists on the same basis as to French artists has been and remains one of the greatest enrichments of the warm dialogue between our two countries.

After Vespignani (Homage to Pasolini), after Titina Maselli, Adami, Cremonini, Peverelli, Carmassi, Guarienti, after the Futurist painters of Rome gathered around Balla, after Marino Marini, it is finally Zoran Music who has joined us and with him that Northern Italy, that Italy of the 'frontier,' on the borders with the Slavic countries, since he was born in 1909 in Gorizia, an eminently European city: are not Italian, Slovenian and German spoken fluently there?

Chosen and presented by Jean Clair, Music's mysterious paintings and drawings will arouse the curiosity of Romans, between January 16 and March 15, 1992, before being offered, as happened with the Matisse exhibition, at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. "


Jean-Marie Drot

Director of the Academy of France in Rome

Installation Views