Igor Mitoraj: Valle dei Templi, Agrigento

15 April - 30 November 2011
The silent dialogue between the "fragmented" Mitoraj sculptures and temples of ancient Akagras - Agrigentum in "fragments" turns the silence of this place into a page of timeless story.
In Agrigento, in the Valley of the Temples, once again the ancient remains of classical civilization and the gigantic sculptures of Igor Mitoraj confront each other, in an installation of powerful aesthetic and emotional impact that in the seductive dialogue between present and past finds new accents of disquiet and estrangement. A path along the Via Sacra, which touches all the temples - measured areas, oriented and consecrated to the gods - in front of Travertine and bronze stand out against the stones of the collapsed temples. The mute dialogue between Mitoraj's "fragmented" sculptures and the temples of ancient Akragras-Agrigentum in "fragments" make the silence of those places a timeless page of history that each visitor is invited to write with emotions and experiences all their own.
Installation Views