Park Eun Sun: Dal Mare all'Infinito, bagno Alpemare, Forte dei Marmi

1 June - 30 September 2021
Visitors, immersing themselves in the beautiful pine forest of Alpemare Bath, can discover the beautiful sculptures amidst the scents and lush foliage
The Versilian summer season opens with the refined works of the Korean artist Park Eun Sun displayed – by Alberto Bartalini- among the luxurious promenade and the lush pine forest of the Bagno Alpemare in Forte dei Marmi, owned by the tenor Andrea Bocelli and his family. The Contini Art Gallery indorses, with the patronage of the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi, this elegant event in order to promote and celebrate the intimate and at the same time deeply universal art of Park Eun Sun. Park's sculptures are admired in this scenario that unwinds between the sea and the lush green of the nature, characterized by an identity that seems at first to oppose nature, made of shapes, geometries and unusual balances, but at the same time, harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding environment thanks to the sinuous and smooth lines of his works. The result of a dialogue between different cultures, the eastern one of origin and the western one of acquisition, Park's work speaks to the collective and investigates the very essence of existence and that of a man.
Installation Views