Fabio Aguzzi: The sea and other natures, Cortina d'Ampezzo

4 July - 4 September 2016
Fabio Aguzzi is the painter of Light
Contini Art Gallery presents, at its venue in Piazza Silvestro Franceschi, 7 - Cortina d'Ampezzo, the exhibition dedicated to Fabio Aguzzi 'The Sea and Other Nature'. Fabio Aguzzi is the painter of Light, the common denominator that illuminates and caresses all the subjects of his artistic production. A light that seems to be generated by the pictorial matter itself, by the colours; it gives rise to the brilliance of his white ceramics or emphasises the fragile beauty of flowers; the shadows lying on the white beaches of seascapes are just a few images of a naturalism that goes far beyond the mere representation of reality. The total abstraction of his still lives from their surrounding context, which is probably there but cannot be seen, makes Aguzzi's works almost metaphysical or surrealist. These works, realistic only in appearance, reveal skilful 'interweaving' brushstrokes of a Divisionist nature, more than evident in his works dedicated to baskets, baskets and wicker chairs. The wholeness of the image of his early canvases, where the framing of the subjects is symmetrical with respect to the surface that houses them, loses this connotation in the 'White Tones', where attention is meticulously paid to the details of his (s)objects, almost annulling their physicality and favouring the liberation of their very essence. Beauty, then, finds its purest expression in fragmentariness rather than completeness. Finally, travels between Africa and the Indian Ocean allow Aguzzi to discover and paint magical and uncontaminated places, islands with pearly sands where the winds draw delicate ripples on the surfaces. The sum of all these elements give life to Fabio Aguzzi's intimate painting, which succeeds in evoking sensations and emanating scents, bringing the consistency of matter alive, regardless of the form with which it is expressed.
Selected Works