Fortunato Depero: LA PROGETTUALITÀ. DISEGNI: 1920-1928, Cortina d'Ampezzo

22 December 2017 - 2 April 2018
This exhibition and its catalogue are therefore a fundamental contribution to the knowledge of Depero's advertising and publishing work

Fortunato Depero is now recognised as a universal artist, but it took many years to overcome old prejudices about Futurism and the distinction between major art and decorative arts. Only recently has it been realised that the second Futurism really brought art into everyday life, especially through Mass Culture, in contrast to the first. Depero emerged as an important representative of 20th century advertising and publishing graphics, highlighting his aptitude for pushing the boundaries of painting.

His statements such as 'The street will be our gallery' and 'The art of the future will be powerfully advertising' demonstrate his willingness to go beyond the traditional artistic sphere. His long relationship with Campari is an example of his influence in Italian advertising. The exhibition at the Contini Gallery in Cortina presents previously unpublished projects collected in an album, which includes the final drawings of his vivid collages used for covers and posters.The exhibition reveals the 'original ideas' of sketches that had been modified or had been proposed to different companies. The exhibition catalogue analyses the comparison between these executive drawings and the final realisations. This collection offers new perspectives on Depero's advertising design dynamics, also presenting previously unknown sketches. Overall, the exhibition and catalogue contribute to the understanding of Depero's advertising and publishing work during his most productive years, the 1920s.

Installation Views