Andrea Valleri: Palingenesi, Venice

19 June - 10 July 2021
The artist chooses his subjects drawing them from his own experience: fluid Venetian landscapes, magnificent churches, ancient buildings and views of ruined monuments, which evoke our indelible bond with history and the past.
The exhibition Palingenesis by the Venetian artist Andrea Valleri will be running from June 19 to July 10 2021 at the headquarters of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation on the Giudecca island, in the charming Cloister of SS. Cosma e Damiano. Represented exclusively by the Contini Art Gallery of Venice and Cortina d'Ampezzo, Valleri asserts himself in the contemporary art scene thanks to his continuous and assiduous search for a fruitful and constant dialogue between the art of the past and the current language. This exhibition was born exactly from this desire to investigate the present that is reborn, after a long and painful period of social and cultural stalemate, renewed and influenced by new experiences and a new human consciousness. The exhibition consists of a collection of pictorial and sculptural works in which the artist's poetics is precisely expressed through the evocative and symbolic force of ancient myths, the ideas and scenarios of the classical world, the anguish and contradictions of the post-modern man.
Installation Views