Pablo Atchugarry: Mariposa de la Vida, Lajatico

27 July 2023 - 16 June 2024
On the stage of the evocative Theater, "Mariposa de la Vida", a refined steel sculpture by the Uruguayan artist Pablo Atchugarry
It is with pleasure that we confirm once again this year the partnership between Andrea Bocelli's Teatro del Silenzio, Contini Art Gallery, and City Sound & Events, joined together under the skillful direction of Alberto Bartalini. It is an occasion to celebrate the great success of a show that has now become an unmissable artistic and cultural tradition. Due to this internationally renowned and extraordinary musical event, we will have the privilege of admiring the majestic steel sculpture entitled 'Mariposa de la Vida' by Pablo Atchugarry, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for the tenor's performance. Famous for his marble and bronze sculptures, Pablo Atchugarry sometimes feels the need to experiment with the use of other materials. This is the case with the sculpture present at the Teatro del Silenzio: almost 12 meters high and built of steel, which allows it to interact with the surrounding environment, in a game of changing reflections. The artist's works may appear, at first glance, mere abstract forms, but upon closer observation, they reveal figurative suggestions. The title "Mariposa de la Vida" helps to recognize the stylized shape of a butterfly among the almost geometric profiles of the modules that make up the sculpture.
Installation Views