Andrea Valleri: Percorsi Paralleli, Samos

4 - 13 August 2022
The artist's perspective highlights the universal value of ancient Greek culture antiquity is seen as a dynamic in continuous evolution.
The second stage of the Neopaleo cycle, a travelling exhibition by the Venetian artist Andrea Valleri, takes place from 4 to 13 August in Samos at the Archaeological Museum of Vathi. The exhibition is entitled ΠΑΡΑΛΗΛΕΣ ΠΟΡΕΙΕΣ (PARALLEL ROUTES): The title is intended to emphasise the architecture of the exhibition, which sees the artist's works displayed along the museum's exhibition route, in direct confrontation with the archaeological works. The Neopaleo project is realised in collaboration with some of the most important Venetian and Greek cultural institutions, including the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation of Venice, the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, the Epigraphic Museum of Athens, the National Archaeological Museum of Vathi of Samos and the Region of Western Greece.