Andrea Valleri: Dialogos - Neopaleo, Athens

28 December 2022 - 21 April 2023
The fourth exhibition of the Neopaleo cycle, a travelling exhibition by the Venetian artist Andrea Valleri,  will take place in Athens at the Epigraphic Museum and is entitled ΔΙΑΛΟΓΟΣ ('Dialogue') as an indication of the idea that history and the growth of culture come from a constant confrontation of positions both in the present and with the inescapable models of the past that live on in our memory With Dialogos, Andrea Valleri has been the first artist in the world to exhibit within the prestigious setting of the Epigraphic Museum of Athens; in fact, the museum contains the largest number - 14,000 - and the most important epigraphs found in Greece. Dialogos is meant to be the suggestion and the conclusion of an ideal path according to which history and growth of culture result from a constant confrontation of positions; this confrontation takes place in the present and cannot escape the patterns of the past that relives in our memory. Regarding this, we quote an excerpt from the introductory note to the exhibition by Marianna Savrami, Phd. Architect of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Greece and curator of the exhibition: "Andrea Valleri's approach represents an original intellectual adventure. His artworks are the expression of a personal interpretation and attribution of meanings from ancient symbolism and philosophy; as he says, they remain unchanged in the cyclical course of time. In his artwork we find the myth of the Centaur, an ancient archetype of the health of existence; through this and other artwork, the author shows us the meeting point between the past and the future.
Installation Views