Andrea Valleri: Pelagos, Samos

2 - 14 August 2023

On August 2nd, 2023, the exhibition of sculptural and pictorial works by Venetian artist Andrea Valleri entitled 'Pelagos' opens at the Byzantine Museum of Samos, Greece. The artist returns to Greece after the success of the recent exhibition cycle 'Neopaleo', realised in collaboration with some of the most important Venetian and Greek cultural realities. In this exhibition Valleri emphasises how the Aegean Sea unites rather than divides the peoples and cultures that have developed around it, and has existed since antiquity as a 'challenge' for the peoples that were bathed by its waters. A challenge and at the same time an open invitation to the circulation of people, goods and ideas and the mutual exchange of knowledge. In this exhibition, the author highlights the heroic figures who linked this Pelagos to the common struggles for national independence of the Greeks. Andrea Valleri's art wants to reconnect the viewer with the historical tradition from which he himself comes and on whose solid foundations he is formed. Greek culture emerges in his works, both as a subject and as an unconscious dimension. The artist sees it as a semantic, ideal and epistemological weave of the entire Western tradition