Andrea Valleri: Firenze nuova Atene, Florence

7 October 2023 - 12 January 2024
The symbolic power of ancient myths and scenarios from the classical world is accompanied by the contemporary language of 'Pop-Art', which reinforces the message received by the contemporary viewer.
Andrea Valleri's works combine the symbolic power of ancient myths and the classical world with the contemporary aesthetics of Pop-Art, creating a message that is relevant to today's audience. The Venetian artist seeks to reconnect the viewer with the Greek historical and cultural tradition, which he considers fundamental to the Western tradition. In his paintings, images and words merge to create a fixed system of semantic references, stimulating human interpretation. His sculptural works, inspired by the Platonic doctrine of 'ANAMNESI,' combine wood and stone in a metaphorical way, expressing the value of memory in the process of acquiring knowledge. Through his works, Valleri recalls myths and stories that have shaped western civilisation. The exhibition 'FIRENZE NUOVA ATENE' (NEW ATHENS) presents the work of Andrea Valleri, offering a different way of exploring and expressing classical art, demonstrating that classical art is still relevant to contemporary experience and rooted in our existence. Valleri's perspective emphasises the universal value of ancient Greek culture, seeing it as a dynamic evolving process.