New contemporary art installation on the Viareggio promenade

Lucca in Diretta, 13 August 2023

In Piazza Mazzini 'Valle Marineris' by Julio Larraz: a piece of watermelon that is also an interpretation of the cosmos

Another contemporary art installation on the Viareggio seafront.
Julio Larraz presents the sculpture Valle Marineris in Piazza Mazzini. The initiative is the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Viareggio and the Contini Art Gallery of Venice and Cortina d'Ampezzo, which has represented the artist exclusively in Italy since 2005.
The work, measuring five metres long and three metres high, depicts a slice of watermelon. The fruit is actually a device that the artist uses to suggest the features of one of the quadrants of the planet Mars, whose surface is studded with craters and inlets. Precisely one of these craters, the largest (in reality about four thousand kilometres long and two hundred wide) appears, transfigured, in Larraz's work.
As if to say: even a piece of watermelon can have a cosmic interpretation.