Pablo Atchugarry: Il Suono dell'Anima, bagno Alpemare, Forte dei Marmi

30 May - 2 October 2022
In the Tuscan open-air setting, between the sea and the lush greenery of nature Atchugarry's sculptures combine classical inspiration with an absolutely contemporary rendering.
Atchugarry's creative journey becomes visible, tangible when viewers enter Bagno Alpemare’s beautiful pine forest, where bronze dominates the scene. Among the scents and lush foliage, visitors will admire the splendid sculptures covered with luminous automotive paint, either decisive blue or dense red; viewers will also appreciate other artworks coated with an acrylic patina of either a sensual black or a golden color. Enriched by these shades, bronze creates a fresh and unique relationship with light and space, in which the latter appears more fluid, enhanced by new reflections. Through bronze, Pablo Atchugarry explores a more contemporary language, close to the culture of installations, without betraying his deeply rooted signature style. In fact, his sculptures keep featuring the powerful "verticality" that yearns upwards, while their lines appear more pronounced and shinier; at the same time, the interpenetration between physical elements is no longer visible in the impact with light. His works may appear abstract at first glance, although they are actually metaphors and representations of the complexity of human existence and essence. They speak for themselves, whether small or large, and their language is universally understood. They enter into dialogue with whatever culture they are confronted with. The exhibit aims to pay a tribute to the artist, who uses an unprecedented language to mold matter into sinuous, poetic and intangible sculptures. These works weave and develop into ascending compositions, thus embodying a universal message of timeless beauty and harmony.
Installation Views