Carla Tolomeo: The Garden of Delights, Saint Petersburg

14 March - 15 May 2017
Ordinary chairs become lively flocks of birds, magical flowers or moons from those enchanted faraway worlds of fairy tales
Contini Art Gallery, in collaboration with Art Holding Gallery of Tatiana Nikitina, is pleased to present the exhibition "The Garden of Delights by Carla Tolomeo", hosted at the Museum of Music and Theatre of St. Petersburg. The exhibition transcends beyond national borders the enchanted artistic world of Carla Tolomeo, an artist with exceptional imagination, characterized by extraordinary materials, vibrant colors and unique shapes. The works in Carla Tolomeo: “The garden of delights” range from the whimsical and wondrous to luminous and legendary from drawings to sculptures, proving the possible fusion of various art forms. The show brings together around fifty chairs-sculptures, depicting the artists’ favorite subjects: turtles, fish, butterflies, flowers and moons, and ten other artworks on paper. The exhibition relies on a handful of interconnected ideas and opinions to reveal the intellectual depth and reach of Carla’s engagement with the worlds of myth, legend, and cultural archetypes. Many works by Carla are set in fantastic surroundings depicting empty rooms inhabited by lonely chairs, sofas and couches - dreamscapes populated by unique creatures, combinations of animals, flora and moons.
Installation Views