For me the chair is a portrait. Absurdly it becomes a self-portrait


Why chairs, always chairs, only chairs? Perhaps, admits Carla Tolomeo, because they conceal a sin, and indeed possibly they conjure it up. I view a chair, she adds, as a portrait, and it can even become a self-portrait. Carla Tolomeo, artist native of Pinerolo, since 1997 she sets aside her love for painting to devote herself to her new art form: the chair. She no longer represents, but presents. She has emerged from the surface of illusion to create chairs which are real, and yet at the same time unreal. In a certain, manual sense she has become a craftswoman: she works with trimmings and velvets, with foam rubber and elegant fabrics. But the substance of art can undoubtedly be that too. What matters, what is essential, is the final result.
Selected Works