Carla Tolomeo : L'Arte di Sedersi, Lugano

22 March - 14 April 2018
The artist possesses the talent to transform ordinary, purely functional objects into artistic masterpieces.
Contini Art Gallery showcases the latest creations by Carla Tolomeo at Aimo Room Concept Store in Lugano. The exhibition presents about 30 sculptural armchairs that, adorned with velvets, silks and lampas, depict the artist's favorite subjects. In her hands, precious fabrics seem to transform into vivid and lush anthropomorphic metamorphoses. Simple chairs blossom into a variety of shapes and colors, in which nature merges with sumptuous materials. A dream, a fairy tale, an enchanted garden, a realm of beauty, this seems to be Carla Tolomeo's world, populated by boundless flowers and fantastic animals. In her works one encounters a bold and sophisticated contamination of baroque and surrealism. Her experiences, studies, and research on Borges and Japanese painting, as well as the distant memory of her Master, Giorgio de Chirico, enhance the artist's talent in transforming ordinary, purely functional objects into objets d'art. The originality of such ideas stems from a personal interpretation, in an artistic key, of modern literature, with references to poetic-literary themes, culminating in a total work of art. Numerous artistic researches and insights have allowed Carla Tolomeo to range between painting, sculpture and writing, as if to prove that there is no real boundary between different art expressions.
Installation Views