Carla Tolomeo: Would you like to sit on a work of art?, Cortina d'Ampezzo

11 September - 30 November 2015
A subject/object – or the Chair – which in Carla Tolomeo’s own words becomes a portrait/self-portrait of the person who will own it, a reflection of one’s own ego.
The metaphysics of fantasy. An expression that could best define the sculptures created by Carla Tolomeo: the Chairs. Giorgio De Chirico’s “Metaphysics” (her mentor and friend), is evoked in her art, contaminated by a vibrant “creative fantasy” that was manifest in its colors, forms and in the material used. Artist, sculptor and writer, Carla Tolomeo is multi-talented, inquisitive and constantly searching to add innovation to her artistic creations; with her Chair-sculptures she is capable of transforming commonlyused objects into an elegant parade of sumptuous trophies. The chair, often a neglected item of everyday use, is transformed into an anthropomorphic and sensual object thanks to the exquisite materials used and its allusive forms; its decorative elements merge and integrate into the object itself. The Chair-sculptures are meticulously realized by the artist who utilizes an enormous variety of materials with rich details. Her use of satins, crushed silk velvets, lampas silk, sequins and Indian fabrics immerse the visitor into a fairy-tale atmosphere where a renewed vision of an antique element – the chair – is applied in the creation of a sole example, unicum, of thentire artistic perspective. The exhibition will present nearly 30 chair-sculptures and a selection of oil paintings and watercolors.
Installation Views