ES c/o Riccardo Contini: tra Tempo e Materia, Lugano

19 October - 16 November 2023
Each piece of jewelry expresses a symbolic understanding of Mother Earth, that modern humanity often can no longer decipher
Contini Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of ES, dedicated to Riccardo Contini's two jewelry lines "Volteggiando, tra Tempo e Materia" and "Eclissi, tra Tempo e Materia", on Thursday 19 October 2023, at the Aimo Room Concept Store in Lugano, Switzerland.
This project incorporates the dedication to the Spirituality of Nature and the Great Mystery that generates and accompanies it, the passion for the Natives of North America and in general of the Natives of the Earth of every continent, ancestral bearers of true wisdom and knowledge. A primordial voice that takes shape and materializes in an ethical and holistic aesthetic vision. 
The collections offer unique pieces: precious jewelry made of Fairtrade-certified 18 kt ethical gold, and inspired by the Spirit of Nature, with tribal, primordial, but always innovative lines.
The protagonist of the collection is the Arrow, a symbol of Peace and cosmic union. Once shot, the Arrow takes on a whirling motion in the air and unites Time and Matter in an incessant dialogue, giving life to moments of rare beauty in which Nature tangibly acts on the surfaces that welcome her work.
Selected Works