Giacomo Braglia: Conversations, Venice

19 May - 16 September 2018
The reflection of the image, as a physical phenomenon, becomes a reflection on the world, as an act of thought.

The Contini Art Gallery is pleased to present - at its space in Venice - the exhibition Conversations, which brings together a selection of photographs by Giacomo Braglia, a talented young Swiss artist.
Ever since he was a child, Giacomo Braglia has shown a lively curiosity for photography: what fascinates him most is the possibility of discovering and documenting the reality around him, constantly searching for new subjects to capture. His research develops from the need to immortalise fleeting instants, objects, people, capable of arousing in him a reflection on the world around him: to 'stop' these subjects in time, thus being able to preserve a movement, an expression, a light, a reflection charged with meaning and expressive intent. In fact, the photographic image is not limited to capturing a moment or a situation in order to fix a memory, but expresses the artist's desire to enclose his own perception and interpretation of a precise instant in the frame itself. Nature, animals, people, cities are the subjects Braglia chooses for his photographs, demonstrating a deep interest in reflective surfaces. The mirrored image, created by the reflection on water, on a puddle, on a shop window or on a mirror, thus becomes a creative tool.

Selected Works