Carla Tolomeo & Fabrizio Plessi: Two ways of creating Art, Venice

18 September - 15 November 2020
A journey into the fairytale world of Carla Tolomeo and the innovative digital landscape of Fabrizio Plessi

The Contini Art Gallery hosts an exhibition from 18 September to 15 November 2020 to celebrate two internationally renowned contemporary Italian artists, Carla Tolomeo and Fabrizio Plessi. The exhibition, entitled 'Due Modi di Creare Arte', takes place in Venice, in a neighbourhood known for its artistic and cultural scene.

Carla Tolomeo is famous for her chair-sculptures, which represent a fusion of art and design. She creates works of art using antique chairs or shapes created from scratch, enriching them with fine fabrics and exclusive designs, creating a fairy-tale and magical world.

Fabrizio Plessi focuses on the interaction between technology and art, using screens and drawings to create works of art that address themes such as time, the relationship between man and the environment and social evolution. The element of water is a constant in his art, representing purification and progress.

Both artists combine their technical mastery with a personal vision, creating works of art that convey a sense of magic and invite the public to reflect and be moved.

Installation Views